About us E-Vapor8 & GoGo vape juice.

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Sean McGroarty and Paul Wilkinson run the very successful and rapidly growing company ‘E-Vapor8’ based in Chesterfield.

E-Vapor8 is now within their forth year of trading and they have grown extremely fast, they feel this is due to their very basic core values ‘Style, Quality & Value’ “Do what you do and do it well! Never let anyone down”. Sean has worked within the retail sector for over 30 years in different roles but for the last 20 years he worked for Imperial Tobacco, of which 18 years was in Leadership and Managerial roles. Paul has worked within management for many years and over the last few years has been involved in numerous I.T. & product design projects.



E-Vapor8 now has a large team of people that have come from many backgrounds, most of them from the tobacco industry or FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) so they understand the market place including the needs of their retailers and consumers.


E-Vapor8 opened their doors on 1st September 2013. Prior to opening Sean and Paul had been observing and researching the e-cigarette industry for quite some time trying to identify and find the right manufacturers who could supply the right products that they rely upon and who they knew could deliver to the highest standards, this they believe they have now achieved.


One of the most challenging aspects of setting up E-Vapor8 was learning and understanding the current and future regulations and laws that their products would need to adhere to.


Once they understood the regulations they then needed to ensure they could provide a product that would rise above and beyond the regulations.


E-Vapor8 supply nightclubs, pubs & restaurants as part of their client base, all these establishments are E-Vapour friendly and stock some if not all of their range.

They supply to both wholesale and retail customers and they have several cash and carry/wholesalers who have listed their brands alongside many independent retailers UK wide that stock their products.


Providing an exclusive range of products, currently supplying 64 SKU’s (Stock Keeping Units) and they are reviewing several others that may appear on their portfolio soon. Plus, without giving away any strategic secrets, they now intend to grow their customer base significantly over the next 12 months focusing on their current range as well as introducing some different products to their portfolio and innovating others. They have several ideas, some of which are already a work in progress, watch this space!!


By keeping their product range relatively small they know they can provide the best products at the best prices. However, they constantly review their range and portfolio based on feedback from their consumers and their trade partners. Paul Said “One of the major satisfactions we enjoy is the great positive feedback we continue to receive from our trade customers and also our end users. We pride ourselves on all aspects of our business but two really stand out for us; our customer service/after sales support, and also the quality of our products”.


Firstly, we only source the best quality products, we don’t settle for less and we don’t expect our customers to either, this is why we don’t compete at the bottom end of the market and have no desire to do so.

Secondly, we take personal responsibility to ensure that all our customers and consumers remain happy with every aspect of our service.


E-Vapor8 and GoGo juice now have a range of over 20 flavours in 0mg - 3mg - 6mg - 12mg & 18mg with the newest range of "GoGo juice Clouds" a high Vg Range of cake flavours. GoGo Juice has fore filled everything they needed, to be able complete all aspects of the tobacco products directive and are all set for post may 20th 2017 


“Many companies offer a huge range of baffling products some of which even I myself don’t know what they do, we focus on providing an innovative mainstream product range that suits the majority of consumer’s needs and will not let them down”.


“One question I always ask people is how many flavours of Walkers crisps are there?

We like to focus on a core product range with special editions and seasonal products and deliver it well, this is our motto. Our range is also developed with feedback from our trade and retail customers to ensure that we meet their needs”.


Sean and Paul are very much aware of the potentially dangerous chemicals there are in traditional tobacco products and that using tobacco could eventually harm the user.


“We are not trying to state that using GoGo Juice e-liquid to replace or reduce tobacco use is the solution for a smoke free future. Having said that, we can sleep happy at night knowing that someone who is using GoGo Juice e-liquid is not exposing themselves anymore to all the publicised adverse chemicals that are apparently contained within traditional tobacco”. 


“There are many levels on which we feel our product is far safer than using traditional tobacco; these are; Zero Tar, Zero Carbon Monoxide, Zero Odour, Zero Flame, Zero Ash & Zero Passive Smoke.


There are a few key facts about the e-cigarette market place that Sean and Paul say need to be addressed. “There are some people, thankfully not many, that are using the boom in the market to supply substandard products to consumers who are not aware of the difference and dangers between using a morally and forward thinking branded product and unbranded products. The key fact is you get what you pay for and don’t take a chance just to save a pound”.


“There are some instances of products being sold to people under the age of 18 years old, using well known e-commerce websites where the vendor  simply cannot know the customers age, this product is therefore being openly sold to people under the legally required age”.


Sean said, “We are happy that the market may have some form of future regulation, the packaging and clear labeling of products should be key; this will enable a consumer to see exactly what is used to make the liquids, products that are not labeled correctly should not be sold”.


“Testing to ensure that the stated ingredients are correct should be mandatory (We already do this ourselves).”


“We do feel that the Nicotine that is used within the liquid should be pharmaceutical grade and the other base ingredients should fall under the food standards authority, the regulations therefore should focus on HACCP (Hazard analysis and critical control points) from source, point of sale, storage and use”.


They receive many new product samples sent to their offices from all over the world and Paul takes a look at every one of them.


If any of these products are potentially suitable or of interest then the next stage is for Paul to present them to the MD, Sean McGroarty and to the shareholders. If all are in agreement they send the product off for laboratory testing and then seek consumer feedback.


So if you get a call from Paul or Sean they may be about to send you a gift to try and ask for your opinion on a potential new product;


The last time they did this they sent out over 50 new potential Juice tanks and the feedback they received compelled them to change some of the internal components from their original version to make it last longer and vape better than ever before.


We always ask ourselves;

Do consumers want or need this product?

Is it safe and how can we prove it is?

How can we make it better?


We all know the traditional tobacco sector is in decline. The independent retailer will continue to lose income unless they embrace the e-cigarette market and the category change that is currently happening.


E-Vapor8 welcomes all independent retailers to get in touch so we can help them understand the category shift, offer support with product range and staff training in order to pass on this knowledge to their customers.


“We recognise that the big tobacco companies are moving into the e-cigarette market although in our view, not because they really want to, more because they have to”.


“It is not that they really want to diversify their selling strategy away from their core tobacco products but more a case of filling the void their own declining market is creating on their balance sheet”.