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  GoGo Juice Vaping News UK

  • Not what do you make or how do you make it,
  • Not how do you sell it.
  • Not how do you advertise it.
  • But the hardest question to ask yourself is. 

Why do we do what we do?

Well here at E-Vapor8 and GoGo Juice E-liquids this question was and remains to be one of the first items on our agenda.

The reason why we do what we do is that we could see that the consumer at large needed to be empowered with knowledge, there was a lot of truly bad vaping products around back in 2012 when we started to research the category.

And the consumers did not really understand what or how to tell a great product from a bad product.

So, our mission is to increase the standards within the industry. Though innovation and knowledge.

Not just about handing van loads of leaflets out, but by offering the customer a connivant product, available in mass market retail at an affordable price.

Though listing to the vaping community, sourcing the best manufactures in the world, blending flavours with true masters of the art.

Communication directly with government agency on laws and policies.

By Caring and taking time to ensure we know and understand the truth.

It’s not about who can make the most amount of vape juice for the cheapest price.

It’s about what you make and how, and ensuring the people who use your product understand that you truly understand the question. Why? 

We feel proud that our products “Our babies” carry great trust and understanding that every drop and every bottle, label, box or poster carries this message.

“E-Vapor8 & GoGo Juice we care”.

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