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A Q and A with Paul and Sean

A Q and A with Paul and Sean

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  GoGo Juice Vaping News UK

  • Are e-cigarettes something an independent retailer should consider stocking?

All independent retailers should definitely stock at least one range of E-Cigarettes and E-Vapour to capture their share of the category growth. With over 2.5Mn (ASH, May 2015) E-Cigarette users in the UK and a market value in excess of £300Mn (Nielsen) retailers should embrace the category. This embrace doesn’t need large investment to start, you can start with a small range and build from there.
Retailers need to choose carefully and make sure that it is the right supplier, products and on the right terms of trade for them, see Top Tips from E-Vapor8 for more information.

  • Should an independent stock starter kits or refills and accessories – or all of them

We would advise retailers to start with a basic range comprising of a Vape Kit, Clearomiser Tanks and range of approximately 10 flavours in 2 strengths (11mg & 18mg) and then expand the range as awareness and local consumer demand grows within their outlet.

Retailers need to ensure that they have a strong promotional offering within their launch strategy in order to build awareness and drive sales. Retailers should choose suppliers who offer good promotional support and an excellent range of Point of Sale.

  • What brands do you own/represent in the UK?

E-Vapor8 Ltd owns the ‘E-Vapor8’ E-Vapour brand and ‘GoGo Juice’ E-Liquids brands and distribute across the UK and Ireland through wholesale and retail as well as online.

  • How do you see the market developing over the next year?

The market will continue to grow at a rapid pace as tobacco users seek an alternative to help them either reduce their consumption or replace tobacco altogether.
The transition from E-Cigarettes to E-Vapour will also continue as E-Vapour gives the consumer greater flexibili-ty and greater choice of flavours and strengths.
With the EUTPD regulations coming in to force in May 2016 there is the potential for a great deal of non-com-pliant EUTPD stock to flood the market in the next 12 months and to many Wholesalers and Retailers this stock maybe at irresistible prices. However Wholesalers and Retailers need to be very aware and cautious as they could potentially be left with stock they will not be able to legally sell.

Supporting retail since 2013

  • What is the most significant consumer trend at the moment?

E-Vapor8 has definitely seen a trend in consumers moving down the nicotine strengths as they become less dependent on the nicotine and maybe move away from tobacco related products. Although 11mg and 18mg continue to dominate our sales we are getting increased demand for 6mg and Zero nicotine across numerous flavours.
We have also noticed an increase in seasonal summer orientated flavours which also happened last summer. Flavours like So Strawberry and Tropical Fruit flourish this time of year.
There is also a growing trend within the market to avoid products at the lower end of the market just because they are cheap, and now the consumers are looking more in-depth into the products they use and looking behind the product and the brand.
This is creating a two pronged attack,
1, the brands are open to a lot more scrutiny with the power of social media the word travels fast if the brand are not as strong as they first seem.
2, this is driving a down turn in the low cost “white label” products as the consumer is more prepared to spend a little more to get a better quality traceable product.

  • Where is the best place to merchandise the products?

The best place to merchandise E-Cigarettes and E-Vapour is generally within a counter display unit on the front counter as this will create awareness and get the range noticed and will easily allow potential customers to browse the range for themselves. However for those
retailers that either have no room on the front counter or don’t wish to position the range on the counter then there are a number of other options available to them, some of E-Vapor8’s retail options are illustrated below;

  • Can you outline your product range?

E-Vapor8 1100mAh Intelligent V3 Vape Kit (RRP £19.99)
E-Vapor8 Clearomiser Tanks - Flat and Round Tip available (RRP £4.50)
E-Vapor8 1100mAh Intelligent V3 Battery (Singles) (RRP £11.99)
E-Vapor8 Car USB Adaptor (RRP £3.99)
E-Vapor8 Lanyards (RRP £3.99)
E-Vapor8 Silicone Stand (RRP £3.99)
GoGo Juice Premium E-Liquids – 12 Flavours – Made from Pharmaceutical Grade Nicotine and Pure Fruit Extracts, current available in the following strengths and flavours (RRP £3.99);

2 bottles of gogo juice

  • What marketing activity have you got planned for 2015?

1. For E-Vapor8’s existing and new Wholesale customers we will continue to offer deal promo-tions to attract their retailers in to the brand and then continue that support through the supply chain. Plus supporting any local trade events they have planned.
2. Continue to increase the awareness, distribution and availability of the E-Vapor8 customer loyalty card scheme throughout our customer base.
3. Support our existing Retailers with ongoing promotions such Multi-Buys and Ad-on promo-tions to drive sales.
4. Localised Independent Retailer promotional support for local events or trends.
5. Targeted Social Media campaigns.
6. Summer competitions – e.g. The Festival Guide & The Student Guide.

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