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Do you welcome the EUTPD with open Arms?

Do you welcome the EUTPD with open Arms?

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  GoGo Juice Vaping News UK

GoGo Juice and the European Tobacco Products Directive “EUTPD”


Hello All,

We have been asked now many times what is our stance on the EUTPD and how will it affect us as a brand.

Well I think it’s about time that we took time to put pen to paper and officially inform everyone where we are at and what have and are going to doing about the EUTPD.


Well where to start?

Let’s start how GoGo Juice E-Liquids saw the market before we all started thinking about the TPD.

Back in 2012/2013 The Vaping market here in the UK Was just starting to gather real ground.

Everyone was selling eGo Vape kits with CE4 Juice Tanks. 10ml bottles coming out from china at a rapid rate.

Somewhere along way the a few, (let’s call them Band wagon back-seat drivers) discovered a growing market that is unregulated.

Well that’s not quite honest, they came across a market that did have quite a few regulations that is must ahead too, Sale of Goods Act 1979 , CHIP Ladling, COSHH just to name a few.

But this newly growing market was not being watched or understood by the powers that be.

So, the Back-seat drivers realised that they could hop on a plane over to china, grab a fist full of the lowest costing products, slap a gimmicky label on it and stick it on ebay undercutting any true vendor.

They flooded the market with low value low quality products that to be quite honest offered the press, consumers, and the people in power a negative impression of the vaping market.

Exploding batteries, blistering lips, sore thoughts, leaking devices, badly labelled products and all on offer for a de-valued price.

Whilst true vendors and manufactures of the real products where all getting tarred with the same brush.

There was one thing within the UK market that the back-seat drivers never seemed to see coming.

And that was the Public, there are not just sheep following the trends, they could see that vaping can and dose save lives.

They knew that vaping was a life changing products, I myself was smoking my way through 20-30 coffin nail every day.

As the Public are not as dumb as the back-seat drivers assumed, they knew that they had to find out how to know the products they were using are the best they can be.

Some founded Forums to educate, some wrote press articles others used word of mouth.

And the word and knowledge spread, from vaper to vaper.

The name it’s self has shown that people want show that there is a big difference between cigarettes and Vaping,

For the first few years of its life all the devices where know as e-cigarettes. But the public are forcing the change, to distance them self from cigarette they renamed the products vape pen, or likewise.

 So, the people and the powers that be wanted to know they are buying and using a product that will help them not hurt them.

Yes, there is a line of thought that the tpd is first step towards taxation and I agree that this industry will become taxable at some point in the future, but let’s not worry about that now.

The TPD is here and after May 20th 2017 All the non-complain products will be gone from the market,

Yes, there will be a black market, yes, some retailers will try to sell the non-complaint stock.

But the vaping market will remain and be better for it.

Every bottle will be the same size and prices will be a lot more level.

But the public, vapers, soon to be vapers, will know that the products a as good as we all say they are.

The bad press will slow if not stop.

And then we can all focus and what we all want achieve in the long run, as we will all be aiming the same direction and from the same rules.

Together we can rid the world of the oldest must harmful drug ever known.

All of this will not happen without a little pain along the way. But together we the vapers of this world can and will make this the generation that saved millions of lives.







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