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GoGo Juice Clouds Range

GoGo Juice Clouds Range

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  GoGo Juice Vaping News UK

Imagine the great taste of GoGo Juice E-liquids along with plumes of clouds. 

Well i was sitting here at my desk quite some weeks ago now and i made a note of all things i wanted from a great High VG range of E-Liquids. 

  • We Wanted High VG Liquids that taste amazing.
  • We Wanted Low Nicotine Strengths
  • We Wanted FULLY TPD READY E-Liquids
  • We Wanted affordable outer's
  • We want them made in Europe 
  • We want them here the next working day
  • We DO NOT want M.O.Q's 
  • And We wanted all this right now! 

After trying a few times to find the perfect blends we had break though... 

Using some of the world best tasting cake flavour and transforming them into "GoGo Juice Clouds range" 

  • Juicy Apricot Cake
  • Lemon Drizzle Cake
  • Coffee and Walnut cake 
  • Rhubarb and Ginger Cake
  • Spiced Apple Cake

Each of these flavour are available in either 3mg or 6mg Nicotine Level offering the perfect combination of Nic, Flavour and Cloud If your a Sub ohm Vaper then you know very well that not all vape juices work well in Sub Ohm vape kits,

Knowing this ensures that we have blended our GoGo Juice Cloud Range to work perfectly in Sub Ohm Devices.

As many of our amazing long term customers know, We take great care when building new flavours and then they never change we have been offering the same core range of E-Liquids for well over 3 years now.

With the EUTPD in full swing we needed to make sure that we could tick every box with our new GoGo Juice Cloud Range, these flavours have all been submitted and notified under tdp along with all of our other GoGo Juice flavours.

If you have read the post about why GoGo Juice do what they do you will understand that we are sure that this new range of GoGo Juice Cloud range will quickly become one of your must have vape juice flavours. 

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