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Update from the MHRA 20-02-2017

Update from the MHRA 20-02-2017

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Hello from the MHRA E-cigarettes team

In this email we will cover the final 20th May deadline, advertising and ongoing enquiries.

Transition period

We are now only three months away from the end of the transition period on 20 May 2017. Non-compliant products cannot be sold past this date and on 19 May 2017 retailers will need to remove from sale any remaining stocks of products that do not comply with the TPD. 

Most people who had trouble submitting information on their products via the EU-CEG in November have now successfully completed the process.  If you have still not been able to submit your products, please contact  urgently and we will assist you in completing the process as soon as possible.  Please also get in contact if you think you have submitted information via the EU-CEG but have not been contacted by MHRA about your products.  In a small number of cases this has revealed that submissions were unsuccessful and we have been able to help to get this resolved.

New products

A reminder that if you are submitting information about a new product you intend to launch or you are making a substantial modification to your product, you cannot market it until the product is listed on our website.  Provided invoices are paid promptly, we have been able to download, process, and publish submissions within a month of receiving them.  

Published notifications

The list of submitted products that we announced in our last update email is now being published weekly.  We hope from next week to be able to add more information on brand names and include all variants listed on a notification.  Please check our list to find out which products have been notified and can be sold by producers in the UK.

We would also remind you to ensure that you include enough information in the brand name and sub brand name fields to identify your product.  The list will be used by retailers and customers as well as Trading Standards to identify if a product has been notified.


Earlier this month, the Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP) announced the creation of a new rule regarding the advertising restrictions on e-cigarettes. This rule was based on the responses to a consultation by CAP, the details of which were sent out in our previous update emails.

To read about the rule, please see the report on the CAP website, along with their newly published Advertising Guidance. A copy of the regulatory statement on e-cigarette advertising restrictions, and supporting materials can be found here.

E-cigarette enquiries

To help direct your query to the right place, please use the list below to decide who would be best to answer your question.

General enquiries:

Please contact the customer services team on

Invoices, notification status and publishing:

Please contact the MHRA notification and finance teams on

EUCEG Technical difficulties:

Please contact the European Commission on


Please contact the Department of Health on


Please contact your local trading standards, which can be found via

Other EU Member States:

Please contact the designated authority of the Member State(s) in question via

Many of you have also been contacting me directly to answer your questions regarding the submission process, and it has been a pleasure to work with you in order to better understand your needs and support you with your notifications. This will be my last month at the MHRA, as I am moving departments to take on another role at the end of February.  Please make sure you use the email addresses above for all future enquiries to ensure we can continue to answer your questions. 

Kind regards

Mark Wilcox

Campaigns Specialist

Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency

151 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W 9SZ, UK
Telephone: 020 3080 6069


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