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We have beaten the EUTPD 2 The ECig regulations UK

We have beaten the EUTPD 2 The ECig regulations UK

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EUTPD 2 The ECig regulations UK

Well all i would like to say this has been fun! and easy! 

But if i did i would be telling a big fat lie. 

We have made some changes to our range of e-liquids that we offer to you, We have taken some of the flavours out and put some new flavours in.

We have also added a whole new range of amazing MAX VG juices to our range.

Here is a simple table showing all of the products we have taken though the EUTPD.


NEW MAX VG RANGE RELEASE DATE TBCSpiced Apple  Cake 3mg/ml30%PG70%VG5003665547123 4
Spiced Apple  Cake 6mg/ml30%PG70%VG5063665547130 4
Juicy Apricot Cake 3mg/ml30%PG70%VG5003665547124 4
Juicy Apricot Cake 6mg/ml30%PG70%VG5063665547131 4
Coffee Walnut cake   3mg/ml30%PG70%VG5003665547125 4
Coffee Walnut cake   6mg/ml30%PG70%VG5063665547132 4
Lemon drizel Cake 3mg/ml30%PG70%VG5003665547126 4
Lemon drizel Cake 6mg/ml30%PG70%VG5063665547133 4
Rhubard and Ginger Cake 3mg/ml30%PG70%VG5003665547127 4
Rhubard and Ginger Cake 6mg/ml30%PG70%VG5063665547134 4
0mgGolden Tobacco 0mg/ml70%PG30%VG0666555444195N/A4
6mgGolden Tobacco 6mg/ml70%PG30%VG666555444411900409-16-205014
12mgGolden Tobacco 12mg/ml70%PG30%VG753357753357000409-16-205024
18mgGolden Tobacco 18mg/ml70%PG30%VG369874123455500409-16-205034
0mgTotally Menthol 0mg/ml70%PG30%VG6665554442221N/A4
6mgTotally Menthol 6mg/ml70%PG30%VG666555444412300409-16-203614
12mgTotally Menthol 12mg/ml70%PG30%VG465254135871100409-16-203624
18mgTotally Menthol 18mg/ml70%PG30%VG159515954562900409-16-203634
0mgBlueberry Blast 0mg/ml70%PG30%VG4441147145005N/A4
6mgBlueberry Blast 6mg/ml70%PG30%VG666555144414000409-16-201114
12mgBlueberry Blast 12mg/ml70%PG30%VG789465122523200409-16-201124
18mgBlueberry Blast 18mg/ml70%PG30%VG074123985685500409-16-201134
0mgCherry Bomb 0mg/ml70%PG30%VG0000111245451N/A4
6mgCherry Bomb 6mg/ml70%PG30%VG666555444413300409-16-200914
12mgCherry Bomb 12mg/ml70%PG30%VG548754123587300409-16-200924
18mgCherry Bomb 18mg/ml70%PG30%VG528285464759300409-16-200934
0mgSo Strawberry  0mg/ml70%PG30%VG1000121426546N/A4
6mgSo Strawberry  6mg/ml70%PG30%VG666555445541200409-16-200714
12mgSo Strawberry  12mg/ml70%PG30%VG777887878778300409-16-200724
18mgSo Strawberry  18mg/ml70%PG30%VG884455774512800409-16-200734
6mgWatermelon 6mg/ml70%PG30%VG666555444587400409-16-201914
12mgWatermelon 12mg/ml70%PG30%VG654123789755000409-16-201924
18mgWatermelon 18mg/ml70%PG30%VG123654456321600409-16-201934
12mgSimply Apple 12mg/ml70%PG30%VG121214545758100409-16-201424
18mgSimply Apple 18mg/ml70%PG30%VG545421524544500409-16-201434
12mgFruit Combo 12mg/ml70%PG30%VG654582459687100409-16-201724
18mgFruit Combo 18mg/ml70%PG30%VG554411247778700409-16-201734
12mgEnergy Drink 12mg/ml70%PG30%VG784578418187200409-16-200224
18mgEnergy Drink 18mg/ml70%PG30%VG215456656868400409-16-200234
6mgGo Bananas 6mg/ml70%PG30%VG666555457874100409-16-202014
12mgGo Bananas 12mg/ml70%PG30%VG654651684651900409-16-202024
18mgGo Bananas 18mg/ml70%PG30%VG132456656546900409-16-202034
6mgIced Mint 6mg/ml70%PG30%VG666555443254900409-16-202314
12mgIced Mint 12mg/ml70%PG30%VG1115553216532100409-16-202324
18mgIced Mint 18mg/ml70%PG30%VG181819224563200409-16-202334
12mgRoast Coffee 12mg/ml70%PG30%VG777887878778300409-16-200424
18mgRoast Coffee 18mg/ml70%PG30%VG222222200000400409-16-200434
6mgSmooth Tobacco (RY4) 6mg/ml70%PG30%VG665544112352300409-16-204814
12mgSmooth Tobacco (RY4) 12mg/ml70%PG30%VG066554411242100409-16-204824
18mgSmooth Tobacco (RY4) 18mg/ml70%PG30%VG066554411259100409-16-204834
6mgBlackcurrant Clouds  6mg/ml70%PG30%VG666645544781200409-16-200814
12mgBlackcurrant Clouds  12mg/ml70%PG30%VG121245678945200409-16-200824
18mgBlackcurrant Clouds  18mg/ml70%PG30%VG181818456234900409-16-200834
6mgMango Boom 6mg/ml70%PG30%VG666555332145100409-16-201214
12mgMango Boom 12mg/ml70%PG30%VG111155545154200409-16-201224
18mgMango Boom 18mg/ml70%PG30%VG181845745124800409-16-201234
6mgVanilla Vape 6mg/ml70%PG30%VG066655544987100409-16-203514
12mgVanilla Vape 12mg/ml70%PG30%VG111555457812300409-16-203524
18mgVanilla Vape 18mg/ml70%PG30%VG181818554211200409-16-203534

As you can see from the list these flavours are no longer going to be made by GoGo Juice. 

Bubble-Gum, Dark Tobacco, Orange Drops, Tropical Punch

But to compensate for this we have added 

Mango Boom, Blackcurrant Clouds, Iced mint, Fruit Combo 

new gogo juice eliquid flavours

All of  these new flavours will be available on our website very soon. 

We have even added a new range of MAX VG with 5 flavours in either 3mg or 6mg Nicotine Strength We perfect match of flavour balance and cloud creation. 

Our new range of GoGo Juice Clouds will be hitting the shops and online retailers very soon. 

As per the TPD depicts all of our GoGo juice's will come in 10ml bottles with leak free systems. 

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