Welcome to E-Vapor8 Ltd UK,

The Home of E-Vapor8 and GoGo Juice.

On this site you can find more about the products we offer to you.

We would like you to join our every growing family.

"The things that drive our business here at E-Vapor8 are Style. Quality .Value."

Taking you thought and information we have designed our products from the ground up to suite your need and expectations.

Providing you with the safest product and the best experience we can offer.

With you and our other family members our range of products will always be growing as long as you provide us with your feedback and information we will continue to design our product around you!  

E-Vapor8 - Mission Statement

To raise the standard within the E-Vapour world by offering premium stylish quality assured branded products.

E-Vapor8 - Our Vision

People – Be an inspiring, fun and rewarding place to work.

Customers – Engage with all our customers’ desires and needs by providing premium, style and quality through our product portfolio and customer service.

Trade Partners – Deliver sustainable; trade margins, premium quality and first-class service.

Suppliers – Maintain a proactive collaborative and communicative relationship with suppliers to promote trust and energise sales and innovation.

Associates – Create and maintain a commercial environment where our associates are proud of their connection to E-Vapor8.

Stakeholders – Operate responsibly in everything we do to give all our stakeholders the confidence to promote E-Vapor8 to their extended network.

Collaborative - Operate within local and international laws to drive appropriate collaboration within all E-Cigarette and E-Vapour industry stakeholders in order to create a responsible, sustainable and profitable operating environment.


Our Values (Welcome to the E-Vapor8 family)

Style – Constantly push boundaries on product packaging and design to raise the premium offering within the E-Vapour world.

Quality – Why accept less! We don’t and we don’t expect you to do so either.

Value – Is what we expect and offer across our portfolio whatever the price!

Entrepreneurial (Innovate, Create, Enjoy) - What’s the next big thing? How can we develop the idea? Enjoy the journey!

Commercial - Promote consumer, customer, environmental and financial thinking in our strategic behaviour.

Pride - In everything we do behave and act in such a way that we will be proud with our outcome no matter the achievement. Have integrity in everything we do!

Responsible – We aim to operate responsibly within local and international laws at all times. As this is one of our key values the following applies to all E-Vapor8 and GoGo Juice products;

  • E-Vapor8 products (including GoGo Juice) are not available to anyone under 18 years of age, or the minimum age for your country if locally higher than 18 years of age for E-Vapour products.
  • E-Vapor8 products (Including GoGo Juice) are an alternative to smoking tobacco products.
  • E-Vapor8 products (Including GoGo Juice) are not to be used as a form of nicotine replacement therapy.
  • E-Vapor8 products (Including GoGo Juice) should not be used by persons who have sensitivity to nicotine.
  • E-Vapor8 products (Including GoGo Juice) are not recommended for use by pregnant or breast feeding women.
  • E-Vapor8 products (Including GoGo Juice) are not recommended for people with a heart or lung condition.